Woot new room alert

January 13, 2010

On the Cp websites French server the team let out the new stuff for members and after translation I found that…

Explore un nouvel endroit secret mystérieux !


Explore a new mysterious secret location!

AKA the new room the wall breaking in the mine will create. Though they have already posted it on the english server, so you can see it here. kool right? cant wait for the party. I’m not a member though… so pooh.

But remember You heard it here FIRST!!!


Cp Blast is finally here!

December 29, 2009

All of you have been sending me emails for a new program to see the catalogs and I’ve finally finished Cp Blast. You can see the details and download it here. I’m so exited about finishing it and hope its a hit. I’m working on all of your other ideas, so don’t feel like I’m ignoring your ideas I just haven’t gotten to them.

New Penguin Times

December 10, 2009

Click here to see the new newspaper.

If you look closely you can see the is a new silver bell instead of the usual bronze

Crack the berg is now hack free!!!

November 29, 2009

That is right Crack the berg is now a HACK FREE site! To celebrate, I’ve changed hacks to downloads and made a new program called Cp Ninja Fire. Please visit our downloads page for more info, and or to get it.