Hey Guys

January 8, 2010

Ok no one has downloaded Cp Ninja Fire, in three weeks, and NO ONE has downloaded Cp Blast, I’m so sad. If you haven’t tried them yet you should, to learn about them, visit the downloads page. They are very useful, and 100% hack free! Please atleast try them, they took forever to make.

By the way heres ninjaOdarks newly relesed pic. (its not real) (Click for larger view)

Seriously Cool!!! AMAZING

I want FlashCs4


Well any ideas?

December 9, 2009

On my downloads page, I only have one thing and thats Cp Ninja Fire, but the thing is I need some more ideas for more programs. ( remember we are hack free so NO cptrainers) No ideas are stupid so comment what you think I should try to make. Please provide your email at the bottom of your comment. Please comment all ideas you have, none will be skipped or trashed. I wont just say i cant do it either. I will look into every idea. If you’re idea is chosen I will send you a personal email. saying congrats, you will also have the option to feature your name on the completed program. Every idea helps!-Chaser4life
Send Me your ideas